MVVBC Northern Impact JO Volleyball

MVVBC Northern Impact is a Junior Olympic developmental volleyball program for young female athletes. The athletes of MVVBC Northern Impact are members of USA Volleyball, and follow North Country Region's rules and regulations.

The mission of MVVBC Northern Impact is to provide an environment in which athletes are able to learn the game of volleyball and fine tune their individual skills. We believe in a well-rounded athlete and the importance of time management. With the dedicated and committed athletes we will be able to provide an opportunity for girls to improve their game and learn the importance of sportsmanship, strong work ethic and team work.

MVVBC Northern Impact is a developmental program designed for high school, middle school and late elementary age athletes. The club is organized inclusively to provide educational and recreational opportunities associated with volleyball for girls who live within the Mounds View School District and North Metro area.

Our purpose is to improve the volleyball skills of all athletes through participation in structured practices and competitive tournaments. MVVBC Northern Impact will attempt to field AT LEAST ONE team in each age classification sanctioned by USA Volleyball with respect to the commitment availability of qualified coaches and number of athletes in each age group. MVVBC Northern Impact is a member of North Country Region and USA Volleyball.

The purpose of this publication is to inform all prospective members and parents or guardians of the services, guidelines, regulations and requirements of MVVBC Northern Impact. It is required that ALL ATHLETES and their PARENTS/GUARDIANS read this publication in its entirety before the first schedules practice and sign the waiver form that you have both done so.

What is JO volleyball?
USA Junior Olympic Volleyball, also commonly referred to as club volleyball, is a program that offers athletes the opportunity to further participate in volleyball after the normal school season ends. JO volleyball programs have exploded all across the country over the last 20 years. Today there are over 100,000 registered junior players in the United States. Clubs are formed with the purpose of providing junior athletes with an increased knowledge of the sport, additional training, as well as competitive tournament play. The season normally runs from November until April with some clubs continuing with their top teams in the National tournaments through June and July. The way it works is that players are placed on teams based on their age and skill level. MVVBC Northern Impact teams are 12's, 13's, 14's, 15's, 16's, and 17's. Based on the number of participants, age levels in some cases are combined. In some age groups two or more teams can be formed.

High school programs are restricted to a few weeks of practice followed by a busy match schedule, making it very hard to get consistent, long-term instruction. Thus, in some respects, playing one season of club ball sometimes results in the equivalent of up to two years of school experience. This is because club volleyball provides as much as 50 plus hours of training over approximately 4-5 months. In addition, club teams participate in numerous full day tournaments adding up to as many as 25-30 matches of tournament play depending on the level and participation of the various teams. Athletes who play club volleyball are often able to return to their high schools with exceedingly greater abilities, skills, and confidence.

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